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10 Best Football Adverts of All Time

From Bobby Moore advertising local pubs to Kevin Keegan’s mullet, Eric Cantona taking down the devil, and Steven Gerrard shooting at pigeons, here are the most memorable commercials ever dedicated to the beautiful game, just in time for Euro 2012. Enjoy.
Unknown- Look In At The Local (1960s)
Pubs are still in decline, so we should take some advice from Mr Bobby Moore and his wife, who both enjoy darts, and call at the local for a quick drink after the game.

UK Public Relation Film – Green Cross Code (1976)
Arguably Kevin Keegan’s finest hour, watch in awe as the man and mullet deliver some stark words of advice on crossing the road safely to a young footy fan. Good work.

Brut – A Good Workout (1980)
One year on and Big Kev is back in our list, this time alongside boxing titan Henry Cooper, with both men getting sweaty, hitting the showers, and applying the scent du jour.
Lucozade- Take Sport Seriously (1990)
If two statements in this world are true it’s that Lucozade does hydrate you well after exercise, and John Barnes looks exhausted in this 22 year old outing.

Nike- Eric Cantona v The Devil (1994)
We’re not entirely sure Man United’s legendary French striker could defeat the Dark Prince himself, but this is one of the finest football focused thirty seconds ever seen on TV.

Nike- Park Life (1997)
What do you get if you cross Eric Cantona, Robbie Fowler, Ian Wright, David Seaman, and Blur? One of the greatest moments in the history of British popular culture? Well, maybe.

Adidas- Clone Teams (1998)
Predators were one of the most iconic boots of the nineties, and this three stripe classic from the last World Cup of the decade only helped retain that design dominance.

Nike- Airport ’98 (1998)
The France World Cup proved to be fertile ground for memorable ad campaigns, with Nike’s effort proving to be the cream of the tekkers crop. Beautiful stuff.

Addidas- Clay Pigeon Shoot (2008)
This four year old viral hit is still a great example of low budget big impact, with England veteran Steve Gerrard showcasing his talent and footwear.

ITV Sport- It’s Good To Dream (2012)
Granted, ITV’s coverage of any major sporting event is second to the BBC, but this campaign to encourage people to tune in to channel three is nothing short of inspired.

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