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Blagger's Blog— Time wasters, PR Moment award-winners, Nike backlashers

The New York Times’ take on the UK Parliament’s current position on Brexit as MPs vote to try and extend the deadline and delay departure from the EU.


Weekly High

We did it! On Wednesday night Smoking Gun hit the red carpet for the PR Moment Awards in Manchester, and walked away with two new additions to the trophy cabinet. Our work won Health, Beauty, Retail & Fashion Marketing Campaign of the Year, along with Media Relations Campaign of the Year. Naturally, we’re still celebrating.

Weekly Low 

Remember when everyone loved Nike because of that Colin Kaepernick campaign? Well you can forget that for now. In the last week, a leaked internal newsletter— focussed on Women’s History Month—  depicted acclaimed mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani wearing a hijab, when the only women to ever win the coveted Fields Prize was famed for refusing to wear one.


Need to know 

The Herald, one of the oldest newspapers in the world, has chosen to stop running leader opinion columns because “no-one reads them”.

Instagram is working on new ‘branded content ads’, which will allow companies to sponsor posts by celebrities, influencers and publications, and then promote them as they would their own content.

Transport for London has removed adverts from the city’s buses which declared Michael Jackson as innocent of child sex abuse— the crowdfunded commercials appeared in the wake of the Channel 4 documentary, ‘Leaving Neverland’.


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