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Blagger's Blog- RIP NME, International Women's Day, Flakensteins


Weekly High

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, and to mark the occasion there were stunts aplenty across the world, including McDonalds flipping its Golden Arches, turning an M into a W. This homage in at Birmingham’s Bullring centre also really caught our eye, along with thousands of other commuters and shoppers.

Weekly Low


We’re not sure if it was just a slow news day, but The Sun came a cropper— criticised on both social media and in rival papers— for this rather sketchy story. The problem being that Frankenstein’s monster IS the victim and IS misunderstood, as anyone who has ever read the book understands.

Need To Know

*Google is about to roll out a new feature in search; updates from popular musicians, a very social-like feature.

*Channel 4 is definitely packing  up its HQ and moving to another city, although the broadcaster will keep its London base. Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield and Leeds are all lobbying to provide new homes.

Just In Case You Missed Us

This week we have been considering the benefits of using PR agencies rather than bringing comms in-house, and not just because we’re a PR and comms agency.

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