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Blagger's Blog— 'Quite friendly', National ghosts May, SEL fail

Weekly High

We’re saying nothing on the politics of this, but from a technical perspective Scottish daily The National has smashed the creative, high-impact front page here, and reminded us all of the odd occasions when placeholder text does actually make it into newsprint, which is always pretty amusing.

Weekly Low 

Although residents of Sark, the English Channel island, will be celebrating not having their electricity supply cut en masse we don’t think this story reflects well on provider Sark Electricity or one of the most controversial industries in terms of cost— after being instructed to reduce prices the company threatened to pull the plug completely until a deal was struck early this morning.

Need To Know 

YouTube has become the latest social network to jump on the Stories trend— currently limiting the option to prominent creators.

Ad revenue for the world’s biggest English-speaking new site, Mail Online, has overtaken print sales of the sister newspaper for the first time.


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