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Blagger's Blog- Merry Christmas to all, farewell 2017, Batali's bad taste apology


Weekly High

The power of social media for good has been re-emphasised this week, with countless posts, shares and status updates helping spread vital information for those in need at this time of year. From The Samaritans to mental health charities, it’s a small action for everyone but one that could make a huge difference.

Weekly Low


Celebrity chef Mario Batali is amongst the latest names to be accused of sexual harassment. The esteemed cook has issued a formal apology, but we’re not sure the comms team had much to do with it, given he sought fit to open with a frank admission of guilt, and close with a recipe for seasonal cinnamon pizza dough treats. Seriously.

Need To Know

*Ryanair is again in the midst of some negative press, with German pilots taking strike action today, causing chaos for many on the continent.

*Facebook has defended has been accused of allowing companies such as Amazon of excluding older workers from job applications on the network.

*The European Court of Justice has ruled that Uber must be considered— and regulated as— a transport, or more specifically cab company, rather than a tech firm.

Just In Case You Missed Us

It has been a busy week preparing for the Christmas holidays. In the last few days we unveiled our roundup of the best trend predictions for 2018 in social, marketing, digital, internal comms, and PR. Then we wished everyone a Merry panto season with our latest in-house video, which looks at what you’ll need for great brand exposure in 2018. And, finally, we wrapped up 2017 in our annual Almanac, which runs through month-by-month Smoking Gun highlights for this year, Britain’s most searched Google terms, and the best quotes from 52 weeks of the Blagger’s Blog.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, we’ll see you on the other side.

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