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Blagger's Blog- Facebook's fall, fantastic Didcot, playable ads


Weekly High


Every town needs a resident like the artist who opted to argue with ASI Data’s 2017 decision to label Didcot as the most normal place in Britain. In response, an unnamed local has opted to clarify just how fantastic(al) the area is, adding some otherworldly spots to otherwise bland signage. Twitter loved it, obviously.

Weekly Low


No prizes for predicting this one; Facebook has seen billions wiped off its share value this week following news breaking that around data from around 50million US accounts had been shared with Cambridge Analytica, a research company that may have used the information to help sway the American presidential election in 2016. Mark Zuckerberg and Co’s reputation is in the toilet, with widespread calls for this to mark the end of the online Wild West.

Need To Know

Netflix has been criticised for having too many smoking scenes in its content.

Uber’s driverless car experiment has been put on indefinite hold following a fatal crash involving an automated automobile, calling into question whether the technology is fit for purpose.

Google Play is rolling out a new form of advert which gamers can interact with in order to unlock game features they would otherwise have to pay for.

Just In Case You Missed Us

Over the last few days we have looked in-depth at the Facebook data breach, and then offered some insight as to why User Generated Content is one of the most important aspects of brand reputation management.

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