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Blagger's Blog- Botswana over Disneyland, ads to drop stereotypes, Air Force fail


Weekly High


The Committees of Advertising Practice have this week laid out the framework for new rules that would effectively ban harmful gender stereotypes from UK commercials. The move comes amid growing pressure to improve the portrayal of both men and women in campaigns.

Weekly Low


The US Air Force has been forced to apologise after sending out this tweet, piggy-backing the war in Afghanistan on the current ‘Yanny or Laurel’ internet voice meme. Poor taste doesn’t really come close to describing this one.

Need To Know

Vyking is developing AR software that could allow shoppers to try on footwear virtually from the comfort of their own home.

Twitter is to implement reach restrictions on accounts it deems to be ‘anti-social’.

YouTube is launching its own music streaming service, YouTube Music, at the end of this month.

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Over the past few days here at SGHQ we have shared the 7 questions you have to ask before hiring a PR agency, and mused on how GDPR means cleaner and therefore better data for brands, which could massively improve PR measurement and lead to business-wide benefits.

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