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Fry and Mighty – Launching the Philips Dual Basket Airfryer


When Philips unveiled its innovative Dual Basket Airfryer, they sought a launch strategy as cutting-edge as the product itself. Smoking Gun, with its proven track record in strategic marketing communications, was the clear choice to spearhead this campaign.

Tasked with introducing this sleek kitchen marvel to the market, the media maestros at Smoking Gun developed a comprehensive approach that went beyond traditional product launch tactics. Our mission was to spark widespread interest and discussion around Philips’ latest innovation, leveraging our expertise in integrated communications and product placement.

We crafted a multi-faceted PR and digital campaign designed to do more than just showcase a product – it would solidify Philips’ position as a leader in airfryer technology. Our strategy was clear: make Philips the first brand consumers think of when considering an airfryer purchase.

Key messaging was strategically deployed to:

  1. Reinforce Philips’ status as the original airfryer innovator
  2. Highlight the Dual Basket’s unique focus on flavour enhancement, not just convenience
  3. Position the product as the ideal upgrade for families seeking to elevate their cooking experience

This launch represented more than just bringing a new product to market. It was a carefully orchestrated campaign of brand elevation, market differentiation, and consumer engagement – all executed with Smoking Gun’s trademark precision and creativity.



Smoking Gun orchestrated a dynamic, multi-faceted plan designed to maximise impact and maintain momentum throughout the Philips Dual Basket Airfryer launch.

The campaign kicked off with a strategic press blitz. Our team crafted a compelling initial press release that spotlighted the Dual Basket’s key features and unique selling points. This was swiftly followed by a targeted outreach strategy to national, lifestyle, tech, and regional publications. The result was immediate: we secured valuable product placement and review opportunities with key media outlets, setting the stage for widespread coverage.

Simultaneously, we activated our carefully curated network of lifestyle and culinary influencers. Each influencer was equipped with tailored content guides, ensuring consistent messaging while allowing for authentic, personalised content creation.

Content creation and distribution formed the backbone of our ongoing strategy. We developed a series of seasonal and occasion-based recipe releases, tapping into events like National Fish and Chip Day to maintain relevance. “Hack” content showcasing quick wins like perfect chips or roast potatoes proved particularly engaging. Crucially, all distributed content strategically included direct links to key retailers, driving traffic and potential sales.

Our media relations efforts went into overdrive, proactively pitching and securing product reviews with high-priority outlets such as T3, The Daily Mirror, and OK! Magazine. Continuous communication with journalists nurtured relationships and secured additional coverage, keeping the Dual Basket in the spotlight.

Recognising the power of retail partnerships, we highlighted special offers at key retailers like Curry’s, Argos, and John Lewis. A deals-focused press release capitalised on consumer interest in promotions, driving further awareness and consideration.

Social media engagement played a crucial role in our execution. We implemented a content calendar featuring a dynamic mix of product highlights, recipes, and user-generated content. Paid social media boosted reach and engagement on top-performing posts, amplifying our organic efforts.

The Dual Basket was seamlessly integrated into Smoking Gun’s ongoing retainer work, ensuring sustained attention and positioning it as the focal point for future social media and media relations content.

This comprehensive execution strategy showcased Smoking Gun’s ability to orchestrate a complex, multi-channel campaign while remaining agile and responsive to market dynamics. By maintaining a consistent drumbeat of activity across various touch points, we ensured the Philips Dual Basket Airfryer enjoyed sustained visibility and engagement throughout the launch period and beyond.


8 million

overall reach from PR hits

4.2 million

social reach for the launch of the dual  basket airfryer

2.1 million

engagements across social media channels

145 pieces of coverage

were achieved, including 10 pieces of national coverage, 118 pieces of regional coverage, 3 consumer and 3 tech

12 pieces of influencer content

with an average engagement rate of 5.3% (2.3% above industry average)

Good Housekeeping Institute

approved, meeting the high standards of quality and reliability, boosting consumer trust and credibility.

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